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How Not To Behave

In which parts of a change room is it okay to walk around naked? What’s the tooth fairys going rate? Is it ever okay to pick up at a funeral? Should you discipline other peoples kids, dump a partner by text, or have the in-laws on Skype while your partner is giving birth?

From dinner parties to supermarkets, the workplace to the gym, Gretel and Matt will escort you through the unwritten rules and necessities of modern society.

Each episode tests the boundaries of a familiar theme providing a how-to guide for all of us, offering solutions to our social shortcomings once and for all.

Please join our hosts Gretel Killen and Matt Okine in studio for a behind-the-scenes insight in to the world of modern manners.

Come along and you can expect comedy, sparkling conversation and thought-provoking social experiments as well as some free drinks and snacks- bonus! Every Friday at ABC TV Studios, 700 Harris St, Ultimo, from June 12 to July 31. Audience call time from 5.45pm.

Book your free tickets now at http://hownottobehave.eventbrite.com.

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