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Todd Samspon’s Life on the Line

Todd Sampson puts his faith in science to the ultimate test in a series of epic experiments, trusting his life to the Laws of Physics.

In this series, Todd explores the fascinating world of Physics, embarking on a series of challenges to reveal these powerful forces. With the help of some of Australia’s leading young physicists, along with a first-class construction and safety team, each episode follows Todd’s journey from the kernel of an idea through to a daring experiment that will show Physics in action on an incredible scale.

Todd literally puts his life in the hands of some of natures fundamental laws:

  • Sliding through a blazing inferno, the physics of Heat Transfer and the incredible heat capacity of water should save Todd from being burnt alive.
  • Facing an AK-47 rifle at point blank range underwater, it’s the Resistance of the densely-packed water molecules that should stop the bullet before it reaches Todd’s body.
  • Bungee jumping with two interwoven phone books intersecting his bungee cord, it’s the Friction between the pages that should prevent Todd from plummeting to his death.
  • Holding a one-tonne wrecking ball to his face and letting it go, it’s the Law of Conservation of Energy that should prevent Todd’s skull from being crushed when the ball swings back towards him.
  • Scaling a 13-storey building with only vacuum cleaners and suction pads, it’s the awesome power of Air Pressure that should allow Todd to climb like Spiderman to the top.
  • Strapped to an enormous bunch of helium balloons, the force of Buoyancy should life Todd into the sky and prevent him from crashing back to earth.

These bold experiments are at the mercy of weather conditions, human error, mechanical failure and Todd’s own willpower. Yet the science they are based on remains absolute.

It’s one thing to believe in the science and another thing to bet your life on it.