Janet King: Playing Advantage

Selected to spearhead the National Crime Commission's investigation into the role of organised crime in professional sport, Janet King uncovers a world of match fixing, performance-enhancing drugs, money laundering and murder . Aided by Federal Sergeant Bianca Grieve and reporting to mentor Tony Gillies, Janet has an

Anh’s Brush with Fame

Charismatic comedian and writer Anh Do loves to paint portraits as well as getting to know people. Anh's Brush with Fame combines the two. For Anh to do his best work as a portrait painter, he needs to find the soul of the person, so while painting, he


Two complete strangers meet for the very first time and undress each other in a darkened room. With just 30 minutes to get to know each other, there is no time to lose. A matchmaking social experiement based on psychological research suggesting that you can accelerate

Testing Teachers

Six teachers, three schools, one aim; to make a difference in young people's lives. When some of Australia's brightest minds enter the classroom as first time teachers, can they make a difference in school that face the greatest challenge? Testing Teachers follows six first-time teachers from Teach for Australia, an

Murder Calls

Our phones are now the centre of our lives. They track our every move... Our every call... For police, they have become the key to solving crimes and a vital crime-buster. MURDER CALLS, a six-part docu-drama series is about the unique calls that cracked open Australia's most shocking murder

Todd Samspon’s Life on the Line

Todd Sampson puts his faith in science to the ultimate test in a series of epic experiments, trusting his life to the Laws of Physics. In this series, Todd explores the fascinating world of Physics, embarking on a series of challenges to reveal these powerful forces.