Felicity’s Mental Mission

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Felicity’s Mental Mission

Felicity’s Mental Mission, a Screentime production, aired as part of ABC’s ‘Mental As’ week, in support of Mental Health Week 5-10th October, on the 6th of October 2014 on ABC2 at 8:30pm.

In Felicity’s Mental mission, multi-award winning comedian Felicity Ward takes on the challenge of breaking the taboos and stigmas that surround mental health issues. Felicity herself lives with anxiety and so is well aware of the challenges that must be overcome for people living with mental health problems, such as how hard it is to perform every day tasks or how your family and friends sometimes don’t understand how to help. In the documentary, she proves how committed she is about spreading awareness and takes on the challenge to get 3,000 promises on the online ‘promise wall’ of The Mental Health Council of Australia.

Release date:
10 Oct 2013