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Informer 3838

The series sees the return of some members of the Underbelly crew with Gyton Grantley (House Husbands, The Dressmaker, Balibo) reprising his role as Carl Williams and Robert Mammone (Fat Tony & Co., Mystery Road, Water Diviner) again playing Tony Mokbel.

Rhys Muldoon (Les Norton, Rake, House Husbands) is police informant Terrence Hodson. Also starring in the mini-series are Stephen Peacocke (Five Bedrooms, Squinters 2, Me Before You), Richard Davies (Offspring, Tidelands, Oddball), Olympia Valance (Neighbours, Playing For Keeps), Jane Harber (Offspring, A Moody Christmas, INXS) and Hollie Andrew (Fat Tony & Co., Somersault, Supernova).

Informer 3838 tells the story of how Nicola Gobbo  had the ultimate trust of Melbourne’s underworld and was gangland’s go-to defence lawyer, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Carl Williams, Tony Mokbel, the Morans, the Carlton Crew  and Roberta Williams. While Nicola  knew the underworld’s dirty secrets, they had no idea of hers.  This explosive drama is the untold story of how one woman’s secret double life helped to fight the Melbourne gangland wars and trigger a Royal Commission. Throughout the gangland wars Nicola Gobbo was the ultimate double agent. Against all the rules, she was betraying her clients to the police while defending them in court.

Informer 3838 is produced by Screentime, makers of the hit Underbelly series, with assistance from Screen NSW

Inspired by actual events, Informer 3838 tells the story of the dangerous double life of Nicola Gobbo (Ella Scott Lynch),  the youngest female barrister in Victorian history who informed to the police on the very gangland criminals she was defending.

Set against the backdrop of the Melbourne gangland war, the Nicola Gobbo story is the greatest legal scandal Australia has ever seen. Informer 3838 is a sophisticated and complex character study of a remarkable woman operating in a heavily masculine world under extraordinary circumstances.

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