Making Child Prodigies

About This Project

Making Child Prodigies

They are the exception… not the rule – mastering a skill to rival the most talented adult. In Australia – it’s estimated there are less than a hundred children, under the age of 12, who could be considered real prodigies. But does exceptional talent at a young age … come from nurturing? Or is it in the blood?

In a time where many of us want our children to excel –  we meet two remarkable musicians, a ballerina, an artist and a young rocket scientist intent on changing the world…

And discover that being exceptional can be both a joy –  and a curse… So… if you’re the parent of a talented child… What does it take to make a Prodigy?

This 6 part series takes five children who excel in an area of the arts or sciences and asks  – What does it take to be a child prodigy?  We unpack what it takes to become one, what drives them, and what family conditions maximize their potential. Prodigy or not, this series charts the emotional journeys of six unique children as they strive to fulfil their potential.

Release date:
29 May 2018