Murder Calls

About This Project

Murder Calls

Our phones are now the centre of our lives.

They track our every move… Our every call…

For police, they have become the key to solving crimes and a vital crime-buster.

MURDER CALLS, a six-part docu-drama series is about the unique calls that cracked open Australia’s most shocking murder cases of:

  • Herman Rockefeller
  • Kelly Hodge
  • Stephen Dempsey and Eddie Bahmad
  • Gabriel Meyer
  • Margaret Tobin
  • Peter Shellard.

We have the never before known calls that put criminals in cuffs and locked them behind bars.

These phone calls featured in this series are from beyond the grave, from witnesses, intercepted calls overheard by police and from the killers themselves.

These are the phone calls and the amazing stories behind them that completely turn the direction of an investigation and bring Australia’s most horrific murderers to justice.

Release date:
29 May 2017