About This Project


Two complete strangers meet for the very first time and undress each other in a darkened room. With just 30 minutes to get to know each other, there is no time to lose.

A matchmaking social experiement based on psychological research suggesting that you can accelerate the process of attraction by encouraging physical and emotional contact, UNDRESSED puts the theory to the test. 

Challenging preconceptions about race and sexuality, each half hour episode on UNDRESSED will observe two couples meeting, undressing and lying on a bed together before being asked to decide… are they interested in seeing each other again or not?

On a minimal set, a large screen gives instructions and questions to encourage physical and emotional interaction. Images lead us through their personal histories, and directions encourage their interaction. Within moments of meeting, they must undress each other. Will sharing their vulnerability draw them closer? Will embarrassment overcome them or will they click?

Lying alongside one another, the final reveal plays out on the screen as they individually decide whether or not there is a future… Yes?… or No?

Release date:
29 May 2017