Wolf Creek

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Wolf Creek

How can a coach-load of tourists simply vanish without trace?

Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) has got away with murder more times than he can count. Almost. And the law can’t touch him – bloody hell, the plods don’t even know he’s doing it! He’s invisible – a demon stalking the outback.

But his season one battle with Eve Thorogood (Lucy Fry) brought him closer to death than ever before. It makes a man think … about his legacy. After all, he’s not getting any younger. It’s time to do something big – something that will bring closure to his tortured past, something … that will be noticed.

Then one day at a roadhouse an affable tour guide props next to him for a soft drink … and an opportunity presents itself.

Mick’s twisted plan unfolds rapidly: he silently takes out the coach’s driver, then drugs and kidnaps his passengers – international tourists on an outback safari. When Mick’s hapless passengers finally struggle back to consciousness they find themselves stranded in a merciless desert. The bus is disabled, there’s no mobile reception, little water and less food. Deadly wildlife, growing terror and extreme weather make every moment a battle for life and death. What follows is a terrifying pursuit through an outback every bit as dangerous as Mick Taylor himself.

This human predator hunts and torments his desperate victims one by one as they face an exploding bus, a desert sandstorm, blazing heat, venomous snakes and spiders, murder and madness before the ultimate demolition of Mick’s underground lair – with the destruction of all who are still inside.

Will the group work together or turn against each other? Remain united or scatter in disarray? Can they figure out why Mick is doing this, and what his next move will be? Who, if any, will survive?

Like Series One, Series Two is a survival thriller – but one that ratchets up the tension to screaming point. It embraces the simplicity and authenticity of the original Wolf Creek movie by delving deep into the depraved insanity of its central and most compelling character: Mick Taylor. It presents a group of appealing, flawed and relatable protagonists struggling to understand the bizarre logic behind the horrifyingly violent game Mick has designed for them. The result is a terrifyingly plausible story from which the viewer cannot look away.

In a world beset by seemingly irrational violence both abroad and at home, where nations are increasingly isolationist, where the poorest pay the highest price while the wealthy build themselves a golden cage, this series asks whether we are a society of wolfish self-interested individuals, or a community of souls who will rise above our own worst instincts?

Release date:
16 Dec 2017 (season 2)